Troubleshooting: Common Signs Your AirPods Need a Clean

Troubleshooting: Common Signs Your AirPods Need a Clean

Ever wondered why your AirPods have worn out over time losing their sound quality, functionality, and overall user experience? It’s normal for tech to wear out after a while but sometimes they might wear out sooner which may be due to the result of lack of care and maintenance for them. One good example is not cleaning them which can hinder your AirPods from performing at their peak. Before going into the cleaning methods for your Airpods, let's talk about some of the common signs that indicate your device needs proper cleaning.

Sound Quality Issues

AirPods are known for their magnificent base and sound quality but this can be impacted by the accumulation of debris and dirt. What you’ll notice if you leave your AirPods to continue to build up with these impurities are:

  1. Muffled Sound
    This is from the speakers being covered which results in lower sound output or simply just sounding unclear. Something you don’t want when listening to your favourite tunes, podcasts or trying to make a call.
  2. Uneven Sound
    You might notice that one side of your AirPod is significantly blocked compared to the other. This experience can lead to an unnatural listening experience.
  3. Distorted Audio
    Interference can occur with the audio signal, causing some issues with crackling, buzzing, or other forms of distortion. 

Connectivity Problems

Bluetooth connectivity

Ever had trouble pairing your AirPods Bluetooth connectivity with your phone? AirPods use Bluetooth technology therefore it uses radiowaves to connect devices. It is said that more obstructions between the device and the speaker including debris build-up around the sensors means more interference with the wireless signal, leading to frequent disconnections.

Charging Case Obstruction

Lint, dust, or earwax can prevent your AirPods from charging properly as they interfere with the charging connectivity within your charging case. So you might wonder why it’s taking so long for your AirPods to be fully charged and may go out one day with AirPods that are very low in battery.

Comfort and Fit

Your AirPods can accumulate oils and sweat from the ear, even more so when you exercise or go to the gym frequently with them. This not only makes them unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear but also increases the risk of them falling out of your ears.

Physical Appearance and Odor

Now onto the visible aspect of the external condition of your AirPods. You’ll notice more visible debris, dirt, or earwax than usual not just within the crevices of your AirPods speakers but also within your charging case. If enough accumulated impurities build up on your earbud device you’ll also start to notice an unpleasant smell from the moisture of earwax, an attractive breeding ground for bacteria.

Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning Tools

Firstly gather non-abrasive tools: 

  • like a soft lint-free cloth
  • cotton swabs
  • soft bristled-brush
  • Toothpick
  • Isopropyl alcohol (70% concentration)

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process:

    1. Cleaning Station: Ensure that your cleaning area is spotless and well-lit so you can spot the areas that need cleaning.
    2. Cleaning Crevices: A soft bristle brush is better recommended than a toothpick due to being less abrasive. Use the soft bristle brush to tackle any hardened dirt, mesh, or earwax within the crevices of your AirPods.
    3. Disinfecting Wipe Down: Once all hardened impurities are removed and you’re left with minuscule particles start using your soft line-free cloth with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to wipe down any excess remains.  
    4. Let It Dry: We recommend letting it dry naturally without the use of any heating tools like a blow dryer as this may damage the internal electrical components of your AirPod device.

Cleaning once won’t cut it also. With constant usage of your earbud device, you’ll need to regularly clean them. You can find out how frequently you need to clean your AirPods based on your lifestyle here.

Don’t have the home resources or want to cut time through these steps? You can opt-in for the Hybuds Pen an effective multifunctional AirPod cleaning tool containing the required features needed to clean your earbud device in seconds.

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