I washed my AirPods Accidentally: Solution & Drying Tips

I washed my AirPods Accidentally: Solution & Drying Tips

Ah, I can hear the sound of your pounding heart as you just realized your expensive AirPods have gone through a round of washing. If I had to list all the gadgets I use while doing house chores, AirPods would be at the top of it. 

So it’s common for you to accidentally drop your AirPods in the washer or leave them in the pocket of your clothes that are being washed. The question is, what to do if you wash your AirPods in the washer? Is it time to say a heartfelt goodbye to your washed earpiece device and move on?

Oh, no, you’ve got a chance to fix them from water damage. But how? Fear not, because we've got your back with some solutions and drying tips to potentially rescue your beloved washed AirPods from a watery grave. 

Key Tips for Wet AirPods

So, you've just discovered your AirPods took an unexpected dive into the washer. Yep, it's the perfect time to panic. But don't fret about it. We've got a game plan for you to minimize the loss from the washer.

Sign Up for AppleCare+

Can your AirPods survive the washer? Yes, it can, but it definitely depends on the degree of water damage.  So, to be on the safer side, you need to insure your earphones proactively. 

AppleCare+ is a protection plan that covers Apple products. You can insure your washed AirPods and cases for $29 each. This subscription covers two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months. 

So, when you encounter a situation like “I washed my AirPods accidentally,” the best alternative is to get replacement earbuds with an AppleCare+ subscription at a discounted price. 

Jot Down the Serial Number

But wait, do you have the serial number of your AirPods? Because you need to provide Apple with a serial number to replace your washed AirPods? The serial number is given on the underside of the lid of your case. But what if your AirPods went through the washer so badly that the serial number blurred or disappeared? 

The worst is you won’t be able to replace your earbuds. But guess what? You have an alternative. You can simply use your iPhone to source the serial number. For that:

  1. Go to the “Settings”.

  2. Tab “General”.

  3. Select “About”

  4. Scroll until you spot “AirPods”.

  5. Select AirPods to see the serial number.

Besides, the serial number is given on the packaging and receipt. So it is always wise not to throw away the receipts of your Apple products. 

Rescue Steps for AirPods

Before going for the replacement option, of course, you would go to check how much water damage has been done to the washer and whether your washed AirPods can survive the accident. Therefore, you need to take steps to minimize the water damage.

Here are the most effective ways to do so.

Use a Lint-free Cloth

You need to dry the washed AirPods as soon as possible. So, take a lint-free cloth and cotton bud to clean both AirPods and the case (if your AirPods got washed along with the case). Then, remove the washed AirPods from the case, and start doing everything in the best possible way. 

Of course, you would be tempted to plug in your washed AirPods right after drying to see if they work. But this should not be done. You should not plug in your washed earphones within at least 12 hours of the exposure. Also, don’t put your washed AirPods back into the case. Instead, keep them in a dry place at room temperature. 

Try Silica Gel

You must already be familiar with a rice pack doing magic on wet gadgets. While its efficiency is still under debate, therefore, I would talk about the tried-and-tested effective moisture absorbent- silica gel. It’s a powerful desiccant that will absorb excess moisture left on your washed AirPods. That’s why many manufacturers put small silica gel packs in electronic product packaging.

So, get some silica gel packets and put them in a ziplock bag along with the washed AirPods Pro. Leave them for a couple of days, and hopefully, they will salvage your AirPod Pros through the water. 

Do's for Damp AirPods

Now you've got an idea of what to do when you realize your AirPods are in the washer. But here are some “do’s” to enhance your washed AirPods retrieval journey.

Invest in a water-resistant protective case.

it's an extra layer of defense against accidental spills or rainstorms

Dry the washed AirPods in moisture-free areas like a windowsill.

This will naturally and quickly dry your ear device.

If earpiece devices were washed while being in the charging case, unplug them immediately. 

Wet AirPods can short out if they have been charged.

Prefer silica over rice for additional drying

Studies show dry rice does not dry electronics any quicker than keeping them in an open area. Plus, to avoid dust and scratch marks.

Don’ts for Wet AirPods

While in frustration, you might do something that can exacerbate the situation. The worst, your washed AirPods get permanent water damage, beyond repair. Therefore, keep these don’ts in mind if your AirPods went through the washer. 

Do not turn them on or test them.

Water can cause them to short out and get permanent damage. 

Do not plug your case in.

If the case has been washed as well, do not plug in as water and electricity don’t make a good combination.

Do not blow on your Apple earphones.

Your breath contains spit and saliva particles that will add more moisture to washed AirPods.

Do not blow dry your AirPods.

The gusts of air can make water seep deeper into the washed earpieces. 

Do not put your AirPods in front of an electric heater or AC.

They can damage your earphones. Also, they make air condense, in humid areas especially. 

Cost of Fixing Water-Damaged AirPods

Now, let's address the elephant in the room, the potential cost of fixing water-damaged AirPods. If you follow all the dos and don’ts, but still your washed AirPods aren’t working properly. The next step is to estimate the cost of repairing accidentally washed and dried AirPods. 

Warranty Info on AirPods

The first thing you might consider after you accidentally wash AirPods Pro is their warranty coverage. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t cover you in case of water damage. If your Apple earphones went through the washer, you will have to suffer the cost of repair or replacement. So the loss of washed AirPods falls on deaf ears. However, if you have an AppleCare+ subscription, you will get the replacement at discounted prices. 

Surviving the Wash are Airpods Waterproof?

The burning question on everyone's mind – will AirPods still work if washed? The short answer is, it depends. The resilience of your washed earphones depends on how quickly you act and the extent of the water exposure.

Apple debunks the popular myth that says AirPods Pro is waterproof. Not the AirPods or the case is waterproof. However, the Airpod Pros are graded with IPX4 resistance, which means they are water and sweat-resistant.

They can withstand a few splashes of water, but if they dive into your washer, there is no guarantee they’ll keep breathing. Besides, if your washed AirPods Pro encounters repetitive washes, their resistance will fade away, and they will stop working. 

Besides, it depends on the extent of exposure to water in the washer. For instance, if your AirPods went through washing directly, you might find your washed earphones in a condition beyond repair. However, if they were tucked in your pocket while being washed in the washer, you may find them in working condition. 

Preventing Future Accidents

No one wants to encounter this nightmare, obviously. Therefore, embracing a preventive approach will go a long way in protecting your precious earpieces. 

Here are a few practice ways every earphone owner should follow:

Use Protective Cases

A protective case is like a superhero cap that protects your AirPods from future accidents. Besides preventing accidental bumps and drops, such cases also prevent water damage if you accidentally spill any liquid on them. 

There are plenty of case options available in the market. While choosing one, make sure to invest in one that suits your AirPods model. Some are designed specifically for AirPods Max or AirPods Pro, while others suit every type.

Regular Checks

Regular checking and maintenance are also vital to prevent future accidents. Make sure to check the battery level and clean the AirPods and case properly. An  Airpod cleaning kit might help with this. Also, ensure there are no signs of wear and tear or damage in your earphone device. 

So, the next time you find yourself in the midst of an accidental laundry mishap, remember these key tips, and may your AirPods emerge from the depths unscathed.

Final Words

Accidents do happen, but when it comes to electronic gadgets, this turns into a nightmare. AirPods are not waterproof, nor is there any warranty coverage from the manufacturer in case of water damage. 

So, you need to be careful with your personal earphones while doing laundry. If your AirPods went through a washer and dryer, try to minimize the loss as much as you can by efficiently drying your washed AirPods. Besides, invest in a protective case and ensure regular maintenance to guarantee your AirPods function to their fullest. 

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