How to Clean Apple Watch Screen

How to Clean Apple Watch Screen

Cleaning your Apple watch is often overlooked because people treat it like a regular dial watch. They aren’t accounting for the fact that we’re touching these digital device’s screens almost every single day of the week. Therefore they accumulate oily fingerprints, dust, and other debris, and with this not only does it make our watch look filthy but can mess with the functionality such as screen sensitivity and obscure clarity that can ruin the user experience.

Given the Apple Watch’s delicate screen technology, using the correct cleaning methods to avoid potential damage is crucial. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of effectively and efficiently cleaning your Apple Watch screen to maintain pristine condition.  

Understanding Your Apple Watch Screen

It’s crucial to understand the screen component of our Apple Watch such as what glass cover is used for the screen so you can implement the right methods to clean them appropriately according to their properties. Apple Watches feature either an Ion-X glass or Sapphire Cyrstal, depending on the model.

Ion-X Glass

This material is primarily used in standard models of the Apple Watch, Ion-X glass is made from auminosilicate, which is lightweight and resistant to scratches and impacts.

Sapphire Crystal

Implemented for higher-end models like the Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Ultra, sapphire crystal is a lot more scratch-resistant than Ion-X glass. This type of screen is manufactured with synthetic sapphire and ranks just below the diamond in terms of hardness. Although it offers superior scratch-resistant properties, sapphire crystals can be more susceptible to shattering when experiencing high-impact falls.

Screen Coatings

Furthermore, these Apple watches contain resistant oleophobic coating which is great for smudges coming from oils and fingerprints, making the screen easier to clean and view. However, it’s noted that with improper cleaning methods, you can wear down these coatings over time.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

Cleaning your Apple Watch screen is a straightforward process, but following the correct procedure is important to avoid damaging the screen or its oleophobic coating. Here’s how to keep your watch looking pristine:

  • Turn Off Your Apple Watch
    Ensure your Apple Watch is turned off and detached from its charger before cleaning. 

  • Remove the Band
  • Detach your watch band to avoid it getting wet or damaged during the cleaning process, especially if it’s made of leather or non-water-resistant material.

  • Dry Wiping
    Use a lint-free microfiber cloth. This will remove dust, lint, and other loose particles. Although the screen is made scratch-resistant avoid using abrasive fabrics

  • Wet Cleaning
    If you haven’t cleaned your Apple watch screen for a long time you might noticed stubborn fingerprints, dirt, or smudges. It’d be more effective to use a wet cleaning agent, some suggestions are plant-derived, streak-free, and don’t contain ammonia which could wear down the coating of your screen.

  • Disinfecting
  • If you’re particularly concerned about germs on your Apple watch screen and want to disinfect, you can try 70% isopropyl alcohol. You want to apply a sparingly small amount onto the microfiber cloth and not directly on the screen. 

    Your Pocketable Hyscreen Cleaning Kit

    Are you looking for a cleaner that you can pocket and clean on the go? Just like your Apple watch that resides on your wrists, we also have the Hyscreen cleaning kit that can easily fit within our pockets for use at any time. The Hyscreen Kit is filled with friendly a chemical solution that is derived from plants and has anti-bacterial effects. Furthermore, they contain no odor, ammonia, or alcohol which can damage the delicate oleophobic screen coating.

    Regular Maintenance and Care

    Keeping your Apple Watch clean and well looked after aids in not only improving its appearance but also in helping with functionality so you can take quick calls and check emails on the go. 

    Daily Care

    Each day, spare a few seconds to just wipe your screen clean with a non-abrasive cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. You don’t want accumulated oils and debris to be more difficult to clean as time goes by. Additionally, wristwatches are easily exposed to residues coming from lotions and perfumes, so it’s wise to clean them as soon as possible to avoid any potential damage to the screen or coatings.

    Weekly Deep Cleaning

    Once a week, take the time to perform a thorough cleaning by following the whole outline step-by-step guide mentioned earlier with the use of a suitable electronic screen cleaner.

    Our delicate Apple wristwatches are small and often we don’t know if there are any real scratches or damages that might need professional attention. So take time in the week to inspect carefully.

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