How to Clean an OLED Screen

How to Clean an OLED Screen

Have you been searching "how to clean OLED screen" to no avail? Putting in extra effort to keep your OLED TV screen clean is important. It ensures the display stays crisp and the screen itself lasts as long as possible. Whether you have an LG OLED TV screen or a Samsung OLED monitor, the cleaning process is fairly straightforward but does require some care.

This article will help guide you through the best ways to clean your OLED screen. We'll get into which cleaning materials to use, what to avoid, the steps to the cleaning process, and what preventative measures you can take to ensure your screen is in perfect shape for as long as possible.

Understanding OLED Screens

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens are best known for their amazing picture quality. They have bright colors and deep blacks that other displays struggle with. These screens work by using organic components that emit light as an electric current is applied. In contrast to LCD screens, which require a backlight, OLED screens make their own. This lets them have better contrast and uses thinner panels.

However, OLED panels tend to be quite delicate so you need to be cautious when cleaning them. Using the wrong cleansers or techniques can damage the screen. This could cause scratches, discoloration, or even permanent damage. This is why it's important to learn how to clean an OLED screen correctly to preserve its quality.

Cleaning Agents: What to Use and Avoid

When cleaning your OLED screen, several items are useful. Below are a few things I've learned through trial and error with my own devices:

What to Use

  1. Distilled Water: If the cloth you use needs to be dampened, consider using distilled water. Tap water is not the best choice since it contains minerals. These could leave a residue or scratch the screen in some cases.

  2. Microfiber Cloth: A clean and dry microfiber cloth is great to gently wipe the smudges and dust from an OLED TV display. A dry cloth is non-abrasive and soft so there is less chance of scratching the display.

  3. Non-Soap Synthetic Cleanser: A screen cleaner or eyeglass cleaner may be ideal for cleaning your OLED TV. However, make sure they do not contain ammonia, alcohol, or strong chemicals.

What to Avoid

  1. Harsh Chemicals: Stay away from cleaners that include strong solvents like alcohol and ammonia. These can damage the coating on the screen.

  2. Paper Towels: Paper towels are abrasive and can cause scratches on the screen that a microfiber cloth will not.

  3. Soaking: Do not soak the screen or let moisture get into the edges. This could cause serious damage to the internal components.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

When you're cleaning OLED monitors, follow the steps below to make sure the process is effective and safe. Throughout my years of using OLED displays, this has been the best set of steps to keep things in good shape that I have found.

Unplug and Prepare

First, make sure your monitors or TVs are unplugged. This ensures you do not experience electric shock. In addition, the dark screen makes it easier to see dust and smudges so you can remove them.


Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the display. Utilize a circular motion to remove loose dust. Try to avoid putting much pressure down so you do not damage the screen.

Dampen the Dry Cloth

Take the clean microfiber cloth and dampen it with distilled water. This can be used for any fingerprints and smudges that remain after using a dry cloth. Make sure your microfiber cloths are only damp rather than dripping wet.

Gently Wipe

Use a damp soft cloth to gently wipe the screen. Use circle motions again without a lot of pressure. If there are stubborn areas, use a synthetic cleaner with your dry soft cloth.

Dry the Screen

Once the display is clean, use your dry soft cloth to remove any moisture from the screen. Use the same circle motion gently for wiping.


Look over the OLED display to see if there are streaks anywhere. If there are, you can repeat the process from the starting point.

Preventative Measures for OLED Screen Care

Keeping the OLED from getting dirty is a great way to avoid spending lots of time cleaning. I've learned a few tips that I'll share with you below to keep your screen in the best shape possible:

Don't Touch the Screen

Fingerprints are a common source of dirty screens. Remind the people in your home to avoid putting their hands on displays.

Keep Up with Dusting

Dust the screen as often as you can with a microfiber cloth. This makes it less likely you need additional cleaning.

Remove Liquids

Avoid accidental spills by keeping drinks in glasses and other liquids away from your monitor or TV. Moisture can cause serious damage to the OLED panels.

Use a Screen Protector

Consider accessories like screen protectors made for OLED devices. They can offer more protection against fingerprints and scratches.

Have Proper Ventilation

Make sure the OLED TV is in an area with plenty of ventilation. Too much heat in the room can attract dust and cause damage to the screen.

Only Use Clean Hands

Before you adjust the screen or use the remote, check that your hands are dry and clean. This simple habit can avoid transferring dirt and oils to the screen.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your OLED screen is a must when you want to retain a stunning display quality. When you use the right techniques and items, you can be sure your screen has no smudges, dust, or scratches to worry about. Even when using a soft cloth and appropriate materials, handle your OLED TV screen carefully and use preventative measures to avoid the need for more frequent cleaning. No matter the type of screen you are using, the tips above will help keep it in good shape through the years.

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