Complete Guide On How To Clean 2nd Gen AirPods

Complete Guide On How To Clean 2nd Gen AirPods

You already know that 2nd Gen AirPods have added an extra layer of convenience. You listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more on the go. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about getting all caught up in the wire. But many people do not actively think about the 2nd Gen AirPods getting dirty. 

When 2nd Gen AirPods are used on a regular basis in scenarios like where you go to the gym, a quick run, or a number of other things, sweat residue can build up in or around them. Now, when this is seen by many people, they just gently wipe them and think they’re all set. But is that really the case? Is there something else that can be done by you to clean your 2nd Gen AirPods? Let’s find out!

Considering 2nd Gen AirPods’ Geometry Before You Clean Your AirPods

Seems a bit far-fetched? It’s possible! However, before the process to clean your AirPods is started, you need to understand the unique design of 2nd Gen AirPods. In addition, you also need to see how dirt can build up inside of them before you clean them. Once such key areas have been identified by you, the cleaning process will be more effective. 

Before you begin to clean your 2nd Gen AirPods, know that most dirt builds up within the ear tips. Next up, the most important area that needs to be cleaned by you is the area surrounding the ear tip. Even if you gently wipe them daily, it’s possible for these two areas to get messy as sweat and dirty residue build up over time. 

The third area that needs to be targeted by you is in between the speaker piece and the outside of the 2nd Gen AirPods. Given that this area is compact, it’s possible for the dirt that was missed when you gently rubbed it to get trapped in it. Lastly, the case! Yes, cleaning the case is also important.

Before you do that, though, know that one of the areas that you need to focus on is the bottom, where the wing tips meet the case. The other is at the top, where the ear tips meet the case. These areas get messy as dirt is transferred when the 2nd Gen AirPods are stored in the case. 

When you’re aware of all these areas, you can clean your 2nd Gen AirPods effectively and make sure you’re not damaging anything. So, areas that need to be cleaned and those that need extra caution must be identified before.

Materials Needed To Clean Your 2nd Gen AirPods

When it comes to the materials that are needed, oftentimes the list can seem endless. Because of this reason alone, some people may avoid cleaning AirPods altogether. However, you need to know that the process is not as daunting as it seems. With just a few simple items, 2nd Gen AirPods can be easily cleaned by you. So, with that in mind, let’s look at what you need to clean your AirPods.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide - a colorless liquid that is antiseptic and can be used by you for cleaning and disinfecting 2nd Gen AirPods. 
  2. Household cleaners - common household cleaners like isopropyl alcohol and window cleaners can also be used to clean 2nd Gen AirPods. 
  3. Isopropyl alcohol - commonly used in disinfectant products meaning that it can be a part of your AirPods cleaning kit. 
  4. Microfiber cloth - a piece of cloth made from synthetic fiber. It’s good for picking up dust and bacteria and can be used by you alongside liquids like isopropyl alcohol. 
  5. Lint-free cloth -  a special type of cleaning cloth that doesn’t give up fluff when being used. You can also slightly dampen it with things like isopropyl alcohol. 
  6. Soft bristled brush - a type of brush with long and thin bristles making it a great product to use when 2nd Gen AirPods are being cleaned by you.  
  7. Dry cotton swab -  these are generally used to clean ears, but you can slightly dampen them with cleaning liquids and use them to clean 2nd Gen AirPods and the case. 

Is this list coming off as a bit excessive to you? Well, worry not. There are cleaning tools that are made specifically for 2nd Gen AirPods. One such example is the Hybuds Pen. It’s a three-in-one cleaning tool that features a retractable design, and its three functions, meaning versatility and thorough cleaning, are what will be experienced by you. 

The Hybuds Pen has a metal tip which can be used by you to clean hard-to-reach corners. It also has soft brushes that can be used to rub off dust. What’s more is that it comes with a sponge cotton bud that can be used by you to clean the accumulated dust. It’s the perfect product for cleaning 2nd Gen AirPods, and you definitely need to try it. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Clean Your 2nd Gen AirPods

Now that you’re well versed with the 2nd Gen AirPods design and the cleaning materials that can be used by you, let’s look at the steps to follow. Before you begin using things like an alcohol wipe to clean stains, know that it’s important to be general, as it can help you avoid damaging the 2nd Gen AirPods. With that in mind, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Look at the 2nd Gen AirPods and the charging case and determine areas that need to be cleaned by you.
  2. Begin with cleaning the charging case. You can use an alcohol wipe for the exterior surface and a cotton swab for the interior.
  3. Now clean the 2nd Gen AirPods. To do this, separate the ear tips from the speaker mesh and clean both. A lint-free cloth and soft bristle brush alongside cleaning liquids can be used here by you. 
  4. Now wipe the 2nd Gen AirPods and charging case using lint free cloth and make sure both are completely dry. 
  5. Once they are completely dry, put the ear tips back on the speaker meshes and then put the AirPods in the case. 
  6. Gently wipe the case once more to clean it, and you’re done.

Additionally, when using any cleaning solution on your AirPods, avoid applying the liquid directly to the openings of the device. Instead, it's recommended to apply it to a lint-free cloth or wipe.

The company at Apple has mentioned that if your AirPods aren't cleaned properly they can lead to skin irritation so try to make an effort to clean them once in a while at the very least.

Regular Maintenance Tips For 2nd Gen AirPods 

Once you have cleaned your AirPods, you need to know to keep them clean, too. This can seem challenging, but it’s not. Just follow the tips below. 

  • Regularly wipe them after use.
  • Avoid leaving AirPods in dirty environments. 
  • Replace ear tips when worn out.
  • Monitor them for a build-up of dust or debris. 
  • Schedule a session every once in a while to clean them.

Key Takeaways

AirPods can get dirty over time as they collect dust and debris. Because of this reason, you need to clean them. This might seem a bit daunting, but it’s not. You can use different household items to clean them. 

If not, you can opt for dedicated products to clean your AirPods. However, remember to be gentle as hash cleaning methods can damage the AirPods. When AirPods are being cleaned by you, just follow the steps mentioned by us above, and you will be amazed by how clean they get! 

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