Cleaning AirPods After Exercising: Best Practices for Active Users

Cleaning AirPods After Exercising: Best Practices for Active Users

Active users who own a pair of wireless AirPods are required to maintain their earbud devices more often than casual users but why? Because we tend to sweat which results in wear and tear. So without the proper care and maintenance, they build up moisture and bacteria which not only damage the delicate components of your AirPods but also pose a potential health risk to you through skin irritations and infections. Here we’ll discuss the best practices for cleaning and caring for your AirPods after exercising with practical tips to keep them in top condition.

Understanding the Impact of Sweat on AirPods

You’re AirPods are basically your workout buddy, providing you with the sound of motivational speech or your favorite beats but also the inevitable sweat that comes naturally during your workout.

Understanding how sweat impacts your AirPods is important for maintaining their performance and longevity so here’s what you need to know:

Corrosive Effects of Sweat

Sweat isn’t just water, It’s a mixture of salts, proteins, and other substances that are harsh on electronic devices. These components can corrode metal and also degrade the protective coatings on the wiring of your AirPods. It might not affect your device after the first set of your workout but after multiple days of intense exercise regime the corrosion can lead to a breakdown of the electrical components and deteriorate its sound quality

Moisture Damage

It’s known that AirPods are designed to be somewhat resistant to moisture, however, they are not completely waterproof. So persistent moisture through sweating can seep into the internals of the earbuds. This can short-circuit the electronics or lead to the build-up of moisture, which may cause your AirPods to malfunction ultimately decreasing the lifespan.

Skin Irritation and infections

Apart from damaging your device frequent exposure to sweat-drenched AirPods can pose potential health risks. Bacteria love moist and warm environments, a prime example being your earbuds after an intense workout. If they aren’t cleaned properly, especially after multiple workouts then these bacteria can cause skin irritations or infections in the ear canal. This is especially concerning for users who might have sensitive skin or a history of ear infections.

Simple AirPods Cleaning Guide

Step 1: Wiping the Exterior

Gently use a microfiber cloth or similar to wipe the external surfaces of each AirPod and the case. You should focus on areas where the sweat and earwax may accumulate most. This could be the stem or the mesh.

Step 2: Disinfecting

It’s recommended to use 70% isopropyl but don’t submerge this solution directly into your AirPods. Instead, apply a small amount to your microfiber cloth with a small amount of water as well then start gently wiping down on your AirPods and charging case.

Step 3: Drying and Aeration

A common mistake is forcing heat on your delicate AirPods using a blow dryer. This is a big mistake because the heat could actually damage the internal components of your AirPods causing them to malfunction. Instead, pat down with a dry 2nd microfiber cloth and air dry the rest of the residue by putting them in a well-ventilated area before putting them back in your charging case.

Use the Hybuds Pen For Efficient AirPods Cleaning

Have trouble with AirPods that haven’t been cleaned in a while and notice the hardened earwax forming in the corners of your earbud device? Cleaning liquid solutions will only dampen the earwax but won’t make it come out easily. You can use the Hybuds Pen which has an optimized metal tip to pick at that hardened wax, then a high-density soft brush to swipe the rest of the flakey goo. Furthermore, you can reach deep into your charging case using the flocking sponge to remove any dirty residue that may have come off your AirPods when you’ve placed them back in there without cleaning.

Additional Considerations for Active Users

  • Opt for a sweatproof cover that fits your AirPods. This material repels moisture effectively. Not only do they protect against sweat but also aid in keeping dust out and other particles you accumulate outside.
  • Continue to monitor your AirPods health by inspecting the buildup of dirt and earwax so don’t get complacent with not cleaning them because they may end up hardening and later become harder to clean or pose a health risk such as becoming a bacteria breeding ground which can contribute to a ear-infections
  • There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t share your AirPods either. Sharing your AirPods with family and friends is just like doubling your chances for filth build and health hazards.
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